What happens when over 500 artists from around the country say #AbSamjhautaNahi on World Gender Equality Day? 


To bring to life the inner dilemmas, turmoil & the contradictions that women experience and overcome through art that deeply resonates, uplifts & inspires them to not compromise.

Build a community of prolific change makers who embrace and encourage gender equality.


Vivel’s voice of art is a campaign that was crafted to inspire a more equal society. To commemorate Gender Equality day, Vivel introduced a unique platform for young artists with Voice of Art. Celebrating equality through the month, the campaign brought together young artist and their passionate expressions against patriarchy – be it stereotyping, highlighting pay gap, challenging society bias get on the expectation of gender. With more than 500 art entries received from across India sharing their views on a progressive and an equal society, Vivel took a step forward in inspiring an equal society.


The campaign touched the lives of over 1.2 crore people

Over 500 users contributed to the campaign to spread the message of equality

Brough together one of India's largest collective of young artists to weave a new-age narrative of equality through Art

With more than 500 art entries, Vivel Voice of Art is just the beginning of a change that encourages women to say #AbSamjhautaNahin.

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