At Wise Ape you’ll dive right into a world of creatively diverse, driven and innovative individuals. We’re a tight unit that’ll push the boundaries, fight for positive change and most importantly, get the job done.

Suraj has the nicest display pictures across social media in office. He’s also one of the nicest dudes to have on your team.

Khushali maintains great equations with everyone like a little politician. Which usually means she’s polling well on deliverables.

Hritik was born an artist. From photography to digital design to the canvas, if it’s creative, Hritik wants in.

Young, enthusiastic and always equipped with a different take on things, Pari has a brain that cannot stop working.

When she's not creating cool illustrations, you can find Garima brainstorming cooler ideas.

Fueled by creativity Paree's imaginative mind is susceptible to daydreaming if left unsupervised.

We’d tell you how great Shraddha is as HR head but we’d rather tell you that she plans really funky #FunFridays! ?

Writing code, creating apps and building tech solutions are no biggie for Hitesh. His life's struggle is to find a new video game to play.

Big box? Medium sized box? Small box? Good luck trying to keep Steve in one.

Abhas is the kind of guy jisko keeda hai. He's loud, eager and will always give you an idea.

What industry? Which year? What trend? Which campaign? Aditya's research usually answers this. And more.

The straight A’s kid with an A+ dedication to every word she writes, Aritri makes efficiency look easy.

Need to know how the math's going to play out? Lee is our walking, talking media cal c.

No one is more upbeat at Wise Ape than Nyrika . She’ll work more hours than anyone and then come drinking. And catch up.

While Ruchita may sound mild mannered, there’s nothing mild about her brand of professionalism and efficiency.

Have a complicated media question you need answering? We’d bid our money on Trupti.

This is where the money at b***h!Vivek

Fueled by creativity Paree's imaginative mind is susceptible to daydreaming if left unsupervised.

Two things Manaswee is great at recommending? Designs and desserts. P.S. - She designed the site guys.