Savlon Swasth India Mission - #TheHiddenMonsters

Things go 'out of hand' during recess at this school! These unsuspecting kids have no clue what's in store.


- To create awareness about washing hands with ‘soaps’ before meals and after using the toilet
- Create opportunities for conversations around hand hygiene through social media interaction

IDEA & Execution:

Most individuals, especially kids, wash their hands with just water. If they don’t use handwash, germs will follow them everywhere they go.

Bring alive those ‘Hidden Monsters’ i.e. germs and thereby, make the invisible visible. The campaign was brought alive through a social Experiment – Hidden Monsters School Invasion, where kids who didn’t wash their hands with handwash were followed by the monsters to spread the message and importance of correct handwashing

The Experiment campaign video was published on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

The video followed by a Response Campaign by Savlon to unassuming users on Twitter who posted about Food, Hygiene or Outdoors during Global Handwashing Day. These users which included brands and Celebs too, got a reply on the day by the brand in a very relatable way to reinforce the habit of handwashing with soap.


25%+ watched the 75 sec video for at least 60 secs with a total of 4Mn+ Views on FB & YT combined. Around 50 Users reached through response campaign gave 1.4K organic Impression and 700 Organic Engagement

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