Engage Pocketful O’stories 2.0

Online swiping is a slippery slope. You know what’s great?


To think beyond the usual digital campaign framework and create a powerful brand asset with longer shelf life. We decided to build a deep emotional connect instead of offering stereotypical thirst trap visuals, purely functional USPs or being blatantly sales driven. So instead of the usual DVC + media route, we co-wrote a book with our Engage fans.

Presenting Engage Pocketful of Stories –the single largest UGC collection of mini-love stories ever collected by a brand in India (and maybe the world). With over 25000 submissions towards the final book along with a celebrated book launch, Engage Pocketful of Stories has now become a immensely well received brand IP that will work for years to come. A giant leap forward in the brand’s evolution towards becoming a true cultural contributor and a prolific content creator.


Step 1:

Engage activated its Social Media Handles and gave users different daily triggers to reply with their #LoveImprompTwo stories for almost a month to help them share their micro tales of love within 400 characters.
People shared stories where the stories has a twist which no one expected, just like 2 in 1 Pocket perfume

Step 2:

Micro Tale partners like Scribbled Stories, Scrawled stories & StoryMirror along with Durjoy Datta, India’s #1 Romance Author were onboarded to activate their community and contribute stories

Step 3:

Every day best stories were announced and encourage others with a chance to get their stories featured too

Step 4:

From all the UGC micro tales received from the youth of India, 400 best stories handpicked & curated by Durjoy Datta to be immortalized as part of Engage Pocketful O’stories 2.0

Step 5:

The book launch took place 160 feet up in the sky a before Valentine’s day 2020, because during that moment love was literally in the air with these beautiful tale


A whopping 25,000+ micro tales were shared with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in just under a month. Thereby, creating a community of 25,000 brand friends

The book launch received 66,557,964 as PR value and 22,185,988 as Advertising Value Equivalency in Feb, 2020

During this quarter, the overall brand reach of Engage grew 26% from last quarter, with Digital leading the increase with half of this growth.

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