When Dolby announced a new app for creators,
we needed the world to take notice. And so, they did.


Dolby came up with its newest product, Dolby On which simply has the capability of transforming almost any phone into a powerful recording tool, with just a tap that too. The objective was to raise awareness about the only free recording app with the cutting-edge Dolby audio technology.


Since the launch of the app coincided with the lockdown implemented in the country, it gave content creators access to a powerful tool that would make their recording sessions fun, add a whole lot of quality to it and possibility of streaming it to a wide range of platforms. We kickstarted the campaign by tying up with JioSaavn and roping in artists like Palash Sen, Ankur Tewari and Nikhita Gandhi on board to hold live sessions via Facebook to raise awareness about the app whilst providing users with some quality entertainment. We also collaborated with Lockdown Gigs that had artists doing live sessions using the app. The app was further validated by artists as we showed users the actual difference between a normal recording app and that done via Dolby On. The icing on the cake was when, out of nowhere, Vishal Dadlani tweeted his love for the app!


With tactical partnerships and some media push, the content around the app managed to record a reach of 18Mn impressions worth more than 26Mn. The app has managed to get downloads of more than 1Mn on android alone whereas on it is listed on 50th position on the Apple store in the music category.

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