Blitz Poker | BRAND LAUNCH

#GoBlitz or go home

India’s most recent entry into the poker business wanted to kickstart things with a full house. Here’s how we played our hand.


To enter and launch the official poker room of Dan Bilzerian - BLITZPOKER in the India by leveraging known personalities from the Indian entertainment industry to build trust and boost recall.

Our second objective was to promote the biggest freeroll tournament in Indian history.


At the center of the #GoBlitz or go home campaign was the influencer activity that communicated the unique and ballsy attitude of BLITZPOKER to the masses. We joined hands with the stars of the Indian entertainment industry and drove the message home via snappy punchlines straight from the Instagram stories of these celebrities. We featured most of these stories on our own social feed and started a tactical media promotion on them to preserve and sustain the communication for months to come.

The #GoBlitz campaign further strengthened BLITZPOKER’s positioning as the most corky and bold poker brand by keeping the communication as such. Amongst other more informative platform promotion posts, we published a series of social posts that took a dig on some of the biggest poker platforms in India in a tactful and intelligent manner.


10 days after the platform launched in India, BLITZPOKER hosted the biggest freeroll tournament in Indian history. Thanks to our social efforts, the tournament received nearly 10K entries which also happens to be the highest number of participants than any other online freeroll tournament in Indian history. By the end of the first month of the launch we had 53,732 likes on our Facebook page and 5,364 on our Instagram profile.

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