#LoveImprompTwo - 1 Love Booth, 200 Dates.

Online swiping is a slippery slope. You know what’s great? Real first dates.


Dating apps have made finding love entirely about looks as the decision to swipe left or right is done entirely on superficial aspects. But we all know there is so much more to that. This has often led to more shot-lives flings and less meaningful relationships over time.

But what if looks were removed from the equation entirely? Is it possible for the youth to discover a partner entirely on wavelength today?

…Presenting Engage Blind Dating Booth – a unique experience where people try finding a partner on just wavelength first and not JUST looks.

We brought to the brand’s proposition of creating unexpected moments of romance in a real world


Step 1:

The Blind Dating booth was launched at Social Nation, the most innovative and interesting youth festival of 2019. Designed to be an unmissable bright pink box in an open ground, the booth quickly became the most happening corner of the entire festival with long queues for both guys and girls through strong rains too!

Step 2:

Inside the booth, the pair couldn’t see each other but had a chance to have a conversation and discuss what they like or dislike and understand each other better with the help of very carefully designed questionnaire. Designed in bright pop colours to instantly catch the eye. The Blind Date boot was set up at the centre of a youth festival.

Step 3:

If the conversation flowed well and they felt the chemistry, couples could call a match and were then allowed to 'see' their partner. The newly matched couples were applauded, cheered on by the crowd and led over to the wall of love. Pictures were taken, love messages written, and numbers were exchanged and thus began a new journey of love!

Step 4:

These moments were then captured and posted on the social media pages as a shout out to the audience to visit the Blind booth the next day and find their perfect pair.


In a crowd of 5000+ youths, 400 singles who were looking for love entered the Engage Blind date booth with nothing more than butterflies in their stomach that resulted in 85 newly matched couples with excited smiles as the crowd cheered them on.

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